Amplifying Black Voices in VC & Startups

Here at The Cap Table, our mission is to help more people get (and stay) on the capitalization table. 

Historically, equity upside in startups and VC has been reserved predominantly for already-wealthy white males. This has helped create and perpetuate a cycle of inequity in this country.

We stand in solidarity with those protesting for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, and the countless other black and brown people killed by senseless police violence.

Unequal access to capital and resources is a result of systemic racism that permeates every aspect of our society.

The future will be built by black & brown founders and investors.


This week, we’re highlighting founders, investors, operators, and sharing resources for people of color and allies to the community.

For non-people-of-color in startups and VC, the time for talk is over. We’re encouraged by some of the efforts this last week to raise awareness and funds, but we’re barely scratching the surface.

We cannot allow this moment to be a flash in the pan; we need systemic change. We promise to listen to and amplify black voices in our community. We promise to continually advocate for change and to hold leaders accountable. 

Bookmark this.

Take time to learn.

-TCT Team

A mural of George Floyd in Minneapolis by Xena Goldman, Cadex Herrera, Greta McLain, Niko Alexander, and Pablo Hernandez (via: Grace Ebert / Colossal)

Resources for Black Founders & Operators

Black Founders to Follow

Web Smith, Founder @ 2PM
Minda Harts, CEO @ The Memo
Tristan Walker, Founder & CEO @ Walker & Company Brands
Delane Parnell, CEO @ PlayVS
Paul Judge, Ph.D. Cofounder of Pindrop & TechSquare Labs

Emerging Black VCs You Should Invest into as an LP

Black Investors to Follow

Aaron Holiday Cofounder & General Partner @ 645 Ventures
Arlan Hamilton Founder @ Backstage Capital
Earnest Sweat Associate Partner @ GreatPoint Ventures
Megan Maloney Principal @ General Catalyst
Elliott Robinson Partner @ Bessemer
Nait Jones, Partner @ Andreessen Horowitz
Brian Brackeen General Partner @ Lightship Capital
Michael Seibel Partner at Y Combinator

How to be a Non-Black Ally

As a VC, the obvious answer is to back more black and brown founders and encourage your portfolio companies to hire more black talent.

As a founder or hiring manager, hire more black people.

After that, donate:



This is just the beginning. We hope this serves as a spark for future change in the startup and VC community.