The 205x return you might have missed

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Let’s play a game.

On April 19th, 2020, amid a global pandemic, a VC could have cashed in on a 205x return.

Hint: it wasn’t liked by “VCs Congratulating themselves” on Twitter.

Congrats, Ryan Moore (@rm_acc)


Originally from Philly, Ryan spent time in SF before moving back East in 1999 to work out of Softbank’s Boston office. A year later, he was offered a partnership role at a new fund and thus began his investing career. The rest is history.

His approach to investing in new companies is simple: invest in the underdogs.

I have to love the market they’re operating in. I have to believe that they’ll be successful, whether they’re capitalized or not. I don’t care about pedigree. I care about tenacity and character. If I’m sitting across from someone, I’ll get into their background a little bit to find something that galvanizes them to me as a person. They have to have some story of adversity, because they’re in for it. Their ability to cope defines their success as an entrepreneur, because they’re always starting out as the underdog. I love the underdog.”

Ryan is now founder & Partner of Accomplice, a seed-led venture firm that embraces risk. Accomplice has been a part of the origin story of AngelList, Carbon Black, and Hopper (and many more noteable co’s). They are one of the most active early stage firms in New England and it’s specialties are across cybersecurity, eSports, data analytics, emerging hardware platforms and marketplaces.

Given his track record of winning, let’s take a look at a few of Accomplice’s Latest investments:


  • March 25th: Lead investor in Balancer Labs $3M Seed. Balancer Labs is a non-custodial portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor.

  • Coming off a closed beta in February, the protocol has been audited by security company Trail of Bits and the smart contracts have been put up on the Ethereum mainnet.

Early Stage:

  • April 23rd: Participant in Randori $20M Series A. Randori is the attack platform CISOs rely on to stay ahead of the next attack.

  • Customers include Carbon Black, Greenhill, RapidDeploy.

Growth/Late Stage:

  • March 25th: Participant in Plastiq $75M Series D. Plastiq offers a bill pay service for businesses to better manage their cash flow.

  • 1M customers to date

Once again, congrats, Ryan. Excited to watch your next move.

Looking to get into the mix? Let’s take a look at the next generation of gaming companies on the rise.

Early stage, recently funded seed companies that we’re watching:

(note: these are not backed by Ryan Moore or Accomplice).

Multiverse: web-based social game and game creation platform.

HQ: Boston, MA

Founders: Hisham Bedri, Sara Alfageeh, Thariq Shihipar

Latest Funding: $150k Seed Round announced on March 16th, 2020.

Surge Signal: 1,001% monthly visits growth

Why we like it: YC alum that is hoping to completely reimagine the tabletop RPG experience. Other features include individual creators with their marketplace development. This would allow designers, writers, artists etc. to have new ways of interacting with their audiences.

Dream Games: mobile gaming company based in Istanbul.

HQ: Istanbul, Turkey

Founders: Eren Sengul, Hakan Saglam, Ikbal Namli, Serdar Yilmaz, Soner Aydemir

Latest Funding: $7.5M Seed Round announced on November 20th, 2019.

Surge Signal: 391% monthly visits growth

Why we like it: Founded by ex Peak Game developers, Dream Games is capitalizing on the growing game developer ecosystem in Turkey. They are focused on creating a low volume of high quality games, in a bet that they’ll win over loyal players vs. short term users.

Bunch: the first app that lets you play your favorite games with friends over video chat.

HQ: San Francisco, CA

Founders: Jason Liang, Selcuk Atli

Latest Funding: $3.9M Seed Round announced on November 20th 2019.

Surge signal: 573% monthly visits growth

Why we like it: they’re on a mission to be the Xbox Live of mobile games, with notable heavyweight investors like Tencent Holdings, Supercell and Riot Games (amongst others) to help fuel growth.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for next week’s exclusive.

Data Sources: Crunchbase, SimilarWeb

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The Cap Table was created with blue light protection from Felix Gray

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Notable Deals for April 2020

(note: we will move to a weekly cadence moving forward, so the list won’t be as long!)

Deal of the Month: Lean and Mean Notion Closes $50mm at a $2bn post-money

Notion’s New Round And The Optimism Of Hot SaaS Valuations – Crunchbase News



Series Seed

  • Taysha Gene Therapies raises $30,000,000 led by Nolan Capital, PBM Capital Group | Taysha Gene Therapies is a developer of treatments to eradicate severe & life-threatening monogenic diseases of the central nervous system.

  • Qcraft raises $24,000,000 led by IDG Capital | Qcraft operates as a self-driving startup company.

  • Connect.Club raises $10,600,000 led by Embria Ventures | A virtual world to connect friends.

  • Remote raises $11,000,000 led by Two Sigma Ventures | Remote take care of global payroll, benefits, compliance and taxes, so can focus on people.

  • Ferrum Health raises $9,000,000 led by Blumberg Capital | Ferrum Health is a developer of an enterprise IT and AI patient safety platform for health systems.

  • Sila raises $7,700,000 led by Madrona Venture Group, Oregon Venture Fund, Rick Holt | Sila is a banking and payments API for web, mobile, desktop apps.

  • Tomorrow Health raises $7,500,000 led by Andreessen Horowitz | Tomorrow Health is developing the future of home-based care, starting with home medical equipment.

  • Finom raises $6,500,000 led by Target Global | Fintech service for SMEs

  • Hugo raises $6,100,000 led by Gradient Ventures | Hugo is a collaborative note-taking app focused on sharing meeting notes across teams within companies.

  • Covered by SAGE raises $6,000,000 led by NFX | Covered by SAGE is a modern insurance platform, pairing top talent with technology.

Series A

  • Mabwell Biotech raises $278,500,000 led by Shiyu Capital | Mabwell Biotech is a Chinese innovative biopharmaceutical company.

  • MOMA Therapeutics raises $86,000,000 led by Third Rock Ventures | MOMA Therapeutics operates as a biotechnology company.

  • Aspen Neuroscience raises $70,000,000 led by OrbiMed | Aspen Neuroscience is a private biotechnology company that uses innovative genomic approaches combined with stem cell biology.

  • ByHeart raises $70,000,000 led by D1 Capital Partners, OCV, Polaris Partners | ByHeart operates as a fully integrated infant nutrition company.

  • ROME Therapeutics raises $50,000,000 led by GV | ROME Therapeutics is developing novel therapies for cancer and autoimmune diseases by harnessing the power of the repeatome.

  • FaZe Clan raises $40,000,000 led by NTWRK | FaZe Clan is a gaming organization.

  • Nitrome Biosciences raises $38,000,000 led by AbbVie Biotech Ventures, Sofinnova Partners | Nitrome Biosciences is developing drugs against newly discovered nitration enzyme(s).

  • Actym raises $34,000,000 led by Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund, Panacea Venture | Biotech developing truly disruptive Immuno-oncology platform

  • Kargo Technologies raises $31,000,000 led by Tenaya Capital | Kargo Technologies is a Jakarta-based startup that offers logistical shipping services to 3PLS and truck operators.

  • Choco raises $30,200,000 led by Coatue Management | Choco provides a digital platform connecting restaurants and their suppliers in order to optimize the food supply chain.

  • Beyond Identity raises $30,000,000 led by Koch Disruptive Technologies, New Enterprise Associates (NEA) | Beyond Identity provides passwordless identity management solutions.

  • Alkira raises $30,000,000 led by Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia Capital | Alkira is a stealth mode startup funded by Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

  • Tonkean raises $24,000,000 led by Lightspeed Venture Partners | Tonkean is an AI powered operating system that autonomously manages, organizes and executes businesses’ workflows.

  • Kate Farms raises $23,000,000 led by David Roux | Medically advanced plant-based tube feeding and enteral formulas

  • Phantom AI raises $22,000,000 led by Celeres Investments | Democratizing the use of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to reduce accidents, save lives and make driving more enjoyable.

  • Vercel raises $21,000,000 led by Accel | Vercel is the creator of Next.js and a platform that enables users to develop, preview, and ship Jamstack sites.

  • Randori raises $20,000,000 led by Harmony Partners | Randori is the attack platform CISOs rely on to stay ahead of the next attack.

  • Tecton raises $20,000,000 led by Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital | Tecton builds an operational machine learning platform for everyone else.

  • Fishtown Analytics raises $12,900,000 led by Andreessen Horowitz | Fishtown Analytics works with venture-funded startups to implement advanced analytics.

  • Unlearn.AI raises $12,000,000 led by 8VC | Unlearn.AI is a developer of a platform designed to make computational clinical trials.

  • Particle Health raises $12,000,000 led by Menlo Ventures | Particle Health is an API designed for healthcare innovators that gives access to vital medical data.

  • Granulate raises $12,000,000 led by Insight Partners | Granulate is an AI-powered optimization software that improves performance by creating a streamlined environment for any app.

  • Green Agrevolution raises $12,000,000 led by Sequoia Capital India | Green Agrevolution is an online marketplace for farm products and services.

  • Ontic raises $12,000,000 led by Felicis Ventures | Ontic exists to help keep businesses safe by serving intelligence to those who protect.

  • Bijak raises $11,800,000 led by RTP Global | Bijak is a developer of B2B platform for agricultural commodities positioned towards MSME buyers and sellers

  • Vutiliti raises $11,750,000 led by Constellation Technology Ventures, Cycle Capital | Real-time smart building, smart grid, smart city intelligence.

  • Kebotix raises $11,400,000 led by Novo Holdings | Kebotix is a high-tech materials discovery and production company.

  • Slite raises $11,000,000 led by Spark Capital | Slite is where modern teams write and organize their content.

  • OpenInvest raises $10,500,000 led by QED Investors | OpenInvest is using technology to mainstream customized ethical investing.

  • Bodhala raises $10,000,000 led by Edison Partners | Bodhala is a SaaS platform that empowers in-house legal teams to better analyze, interpret and optimize outside counsel spending.

  • Glofox raises $10,000,000 led by Octopus Ventures | Glofox is a management software company that helps fitness entrepreneurs improve the health of people.

  • Helicap raises $10,000,000 led by Saison Capital | Helicap is a fintech investment platform that offers funding to alternative lenders such as peer-to-peer platforms.

  • Everee raises $10,000,000 led by Origin Ventures, Signal Peak Ventures | Everee is a full-service payroll platform that allows employees to pick their pay dates.

  • BibliU raises $10,000,000 led by Nesta Impact Investments | BibliU is an educational content platform that provide eTextbooks that work for academic libraries.

  • Universe raises $10,000,000 led by GV | Universe is a mobile app that enables users to create websites using their mobile phones.

  • IFM Restoration raises $10,000,000 led by Brick & Mortar Ventures, S3 Ventures | IFM Restoration maintains, repairs, and improves its clients’ real estate properties.

  • raises $8,650,000 led by Khosla Ventures | HeartVista is a medical technology company that provides one-click diagnostic imaging.

  • Mindler raises $85,000,000 led by Schibsted Growth, Ventech | Mindler makes it easy to meet a psychologist - usually the same day!

  • Igloo raises $8,200,000 led by InVent | Igloo is an insurtech AI platform that provides insurance accessible through creating digital insurance products.

  • Arturo raises $8,000,000 led by Crosslink Capital | Arturo is a deep learning spin-out from a Fortune 500 company focused on delivering highly accurate measurement and predictive data.

  • Zupee raises $8,000,000 led by Matrix Partners India | Zupee is a skill-based gambling app that enables its users to play against each-other live

  • Onpoint Ecommerce raises $8,000,000 led by Kiwoom Investment | Onpoint E-commerce is an E-commerce solution partner, helping brands become more successful in Vietnam and SEA region.

  • Orchestra Group raises $7,500,000 led by PRYTEK | Orchestra have created a broad cyber security platform by acquiring a variety of cyber companies and rolling them up into a unified solution

  • TransFICC raises $5,750,000 led by AlbionVC | TransFICC is an e-trading technology company for banks and asset managers trading in Fixed Income and Derivatives markets.

  • Ably Realtime raises $7,000,000 led by MMC Ventures | The new standard in realtime edge messaging.Aknamed raises $7,000,000 led by Aspada | Streamlining the healthcare supply chain in India

  • Datos Health raises $7,000,000 led by Crescendo Venture Partners | Datos is a patient management platform for oncology care

  • Atlas AI raises $7,000,000 led by Airbus Ventures | Atlas AI is an analytics platform to analyze and predict crop yields, economic well-being, and other indicators across the developing world.

  • The Collaborative raises $7,000,000 led by PowerPlant Ventures | The Collaborative is the fastest growing premium plant-based yogurt and dessert brand.

  • CleanSlate UV raises $7,000,000 led by Prolog Ventures | CleanSlate UV disinfects phones, tablets & other mobile devices in 30 seconds, preventing the spread of bacteria & keeping devices clean.

  • EnginZyme raises $6,400,000 led by Sofinnova Partners | EnginZyme is a biotechnology company that specializes in biocatalysis.

  • Sary raises $6,600,000 led by Raed Ventures | Sary is an on-demand B2B marketplace platform connecting small businesses with wholesalers to procure supply efficiently.

  • Pulse Q&A raises $6,500,000 led by AV8 Ventures | Pulse Q&A empowers CIOs to make innovation and spend decisions based on crowdsourced data from thousands of their peers.

  • PocketHealth raises $9,100,000 led by Radical Ventures | PocketHealth is a better way to instantly receive and share sensitive medical imaging information.

  • Frame AI raises $6,300,000 led by G20 Ventures, Greycroft | Urgent CX priorities pulled from your actual conversations.

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Doing More with Less: A Model for Growth in Economic Recession - ProdPerfect

Erik Fogg, Co-Fonuder of ProdPerfect on the State of QA in 2020.


Series B

  • Erasca raises $200,000,000 led by ARCH Venture Partners, Cormorant Asset Management | Erasca is a developer of oncology drugs intended to provide precision oncology options.

  • ITeos Therapeutics raises $125,000,000 led by Boxer Capital, RA Capital Management | ITeos Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that specializes in tumor immunology, cancer immunotherapy, and drug discovery.

  • Affinivax raises $120,000,000 led by Viking Global Investors | Affinivax is a biotechnology company developing technology to provide broad protection against diseases affecting children.

  • Pandion Therapeutics raises $80,000,000 led by Access Biotechnology, Boxer Capital | Pandion Therapeutics develops innovative modular proteins, antibodies, and bispecifics for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

  • COMPASS Pathways raises $80,000,000 | Compass Pathways is a mental health care company dedicated to accelerating patient access to evidence-based innovation in mental health.


  • Accent Therapeutics raises $63,000,000 led by EcoR1 Capital | Accent Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company.

  • Tango Therapeutics raises $60,000,000 led by Boxer Capital | Tango Therapeutics is a biotechnology company discovering and developing novel medicines targeting cancer vulnerabilities.

  • Mojo Vision raises $51,000,000 led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) | Mojo Vision is a developer of products and platforms that re-imagine the intersection of ideas, information and people.Miro raises $50,000,000 led by ICONIQ Capital | Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work better together.

  • Bestow raises $50,000,000 led by Valar Ventures | Bestow is an insurance technology company offering a platform to make life insurance accessible to families.

  • Oriente raises $50,000,000 led by Lee Ka Kit | Oriente is building a new digital financial services infastructure to unlock economic opportunity for emerging Asia’s underserved.

  • QST Corporation raises $350,000,000 led by Walden International | QST Corporation is a provider of sensor solutions of mobile consumer electronic devices.

  • Arris Composites raises $48,500,000 led by Taiwania Capital | Arris Composites provides next-gen composites for mass market applications.

  • Cheetah raises $36,000,000 led by Eclipse Ventures | Cheetah offers business owners a simple, affordable and fast solution for the procurement of their daily supplies.

  • Avalyn Pharma raises $35,500,000 led by Norwest Venture Partners | Avalyn Pharma advancing therapies for the treatment of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

  • Coder raises $30,000,000 led by GGV Capital | Coder provides open-source tools and an enterprise platform that makes it easier to configure, secure, and scale development environments.

  • Starcity raises $30,000,000 led by Deciens Capital | Starcity is a tech-enabled platform that provides coliving options for renters in expensive cities.

  • A1Food raises $200,000,000 led by CICC | A1Food is a food and snacks brand which mainly sells nuts and pastry.

  • SonderMind raises $27,000,000 led by General Catalyst | SonderMind is a managed marketplace redesigning behavioral health to be more accessible, approachable, and utilized.

  • InsideBoard raises $27,000,000 led by AXA Venture Partners | InsideBoard is an AI platform for change management to sustain ongoing employee adoption and performance.

  • Cloudbreak Therapeutics raises $25,400,000 led by V-Capital | Cloudbreak Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company

  • FreeWire Technologies raises $25,000,000 led by BP Ventures | FreeWire Technologies provides smart battery systems for EV charging and mobile distributed power.

  • Catalyst Software raises $25,000,000 led by Spark Capital | Catalyst is a software platform for customer success teams, product managers, marketers and data scientists.

  • Medici raises $24,000,000 led by Barry Sternlicht, Howard Jenkins, Kenneth Griffin, Natie Kirsh | Medici is a mobile technology platform that provides text, video and voice chats between patients and doctors.

  • Greenbits raises $23,000,000 led by Casa Verde Capital, Tiger Global Management | Greenbits is a cannabis retail platform offering medical dispensaries and adult-use retailers.

  • Digits raises $22,000,000 led by GV | Digits is a fin-tech company offering a visual, machine learning-powered expense monitoring dashboard for startups and small businesses.

  • Lunar raises $20,000,000 led by Seed Capital | Lunar is a mobile-based banking app that helps consumers control their personal finances.

  • Yellow Messenger raises $20,000,000 led by Lightspeed Venture Partners | Yellow Messenger’s cognitive engagement platform provides enterprise solutions for marketing, customer support and HR functions.

  • enVerid raises $20,000,000 led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures | enVerid provides HVAC energy-saving technologies for buildings of all types.

  • Profitero raises $20,000,000 led by Scaleworks | Profitero is the eCommerce performance analytics platform of choice for leading brands around the world.

  • CyberMDX raises $20,000,000 led by Sham | CyberMDX offers a cybersecurity solution for medical devices and clinical assets.

  • Bira 91 raises $20,000,000 led by Sequoia Capital India, Sofina | Bira 91 is a craft beer company.

  • Myriota raises $28,000,000 led by Hostplus, Main Sequence Ventures | Myriota provides low cost IoT connectivity without the need for any ground based towers or other infrastructure.

  • Equispheres raises $17,000,000 led by HG Ventures | Equispheres is a materials science company focused on advanced technologies such as additive manufacturing and cold spray applications.

  • YFood Labs raises $16,700,000 led by Felix Capital | YFood Labs is a food-tech startup which designs smart food solutions for a modern generation.

  • Deliverect raises $16,250,000 led by OMERS Ventures | Deliverect connects Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Glovo and more delivery companies directly to restaurants by POS system automation.

  • Scopio Labs raises $16,000,000 led by Olive Tree Ventures | Scopio Labs develops a novel diagnostics platform based on computational microscopy.

  • SilverCloud Health raises $16,000,000 led by MemorialCare Innovation Fund | SilverCloud‚Äôs solutions are used by payers and providers to provide immediate access to evidence-based and supported digital therapies.

  • Innovopro raises $15,000,000 led by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) | Innovopro develops plant based food products from chickpea in various categories such as dairy and meat alternatives.

  • BigRentz raises $15,000,000 led by ITOCHU Corporation | BigRentz is the largest online construction equipment rental marketplace with over 2,500 partners with 8,500 rental yards

  • Okera, Inc. raises $15,000,000 led by ClearSky | Okera provides secure data access at scale so that data teams have the confidence to unlock the power of their data for innovation & growth

  • Cadent Therapeutics raises $15,000,000 led by Cowen Healthcare Investments | Cadent Therapeutics is a precision neuroscience company.

  • Amyloid Solution raises $18,000,000,000 led by Korea Development Bank | Amyloid Solution is a developer of therapy intended to overcome Alzheimer by developing modifying treatments.

  • Crypto Finance AG raises $14,000,000 led by Lingfeng Capital, Rainer-Marc Frey | Crypto Finance AG provides professional investors blockchain financial services in crypto asset management, brokerage and storage solutions.

  • Andjaro raises $13,400,000 led by Idinvest Partners | Andjaro is a management platform that allows mapping, reallocation and load balancing of internal workforce within the same organization.

  • Hannto Technology raises $100,000,000 led by Volcanics Venture | Hannto Technology designs, develops and produces intelligent hardware.

  • Leuven Instruments raises $14,120,000 led by CAS Star | Leuven Instruments is a Chinese semiconductor equipment start-up.

  • Narwal Robotics raises $14,100,000 led by ByteDance, Source Code Capital | Narwal Robotics focus on design, development, and production of intelligent cleaning robots.

  • Wangbaobao raises $14,000,000 led by BA Capital | Wangbaobao is a oatmeal brand.

  • ChosenMed raises $14,000,000 led by Shanghai Alliance Investment | ChosenMed is a Healthcare company based in Beijing.

  • North Ocean Photonics raises $14,000,000 led by CMB International Capital Corporation | North Ocean Photonics is a Smart Hardware Company.

  • NewMed Medical raises $14,000,000 led by Shenzhen Fortune Venture Capital | Medical device supplier based in Shanghai.

  • Konfoong Biotech International raises $14,000,000 led by Intel Capital | Konfoong Biotech International is a biotech company.

  • ITILITE Technologies raises $1,000,000,000 led by Greenoaks Capital | Travel management start-up.

  • SourceDay raises $12,500,000 led by Baird Capital | Purchase Orders, Simplified. SourceDay, a Modern Purchase Order Management Platform for Syteline, Epicor and NetSuite ERPs

  • Moshi raises $12,000,000 led by Accel | Moshi provides a sleep and mindfulness app for kids featuring melodic stories created to help kids drift off to sleep quickly.

  • Halo Labs raises $12,000,000 led by Research Corporation Technologies | Halo Labs is a biotechnology company that specializes in analytical instrumentation and biopharma.

  • Sanar raises $11,500,000 led by DNA Capital, Valor Capital Group | Sanar evolved from a single book traditional publisher to a leading digital healthcare educational platform in just 5 years.

  • KIWI raises $10,000,000 led by Deutsche Wohnen | KIWI provides secure, keyless access for large multi-tenant buildings.

  • Qnergy raises $10,000,000 led by OGCI Climate Investments | Qnergy was established in 2009 by Ricor Cryogenic and Vacuum, a world leader in the field of miniature Stirling cryogenic coolers.

Series C

  • 4Paradigm raises $230,000,000 | 4Paradigm is an AI technology that helps enterprises to improve work efficiency, reduce risks and achieve greater commercial values.

  • Mabworks raises $160,000,000 led by CICC | Mabworks is a gene engineering mab company.

  • BioCatch raises $145,000,000 led by Bain Capital Tech Opportunities | BioCatch is a cybersecurity company that delivers behavioral biometrics and analyzes human-device interactions to protect users and data.

  • Intellifusion raises $1,000,000,000 led by Forebright Capital, Utrust VC, Walden International | Intellifusion develops a vision processor for purposes such as public safety, supercomputing, and AI

  • Podium raises $125,000,000 led by Y Combinator Continuity Fund | Podium is a customer communication platform for businesses who interact with customers on a local level.

  • VAST Data raises $100,000,000 led by Next47 | VAST Data is a storage company bringing an end to complex storage tiering and HDD usage in the enterprise.

  • Cross River Bank raises $100,000,000 led by Shefa Capital, V Capital Group | Cross River is a financial institution that offers banking services and loan products to consumers and businesses.

  • Pivot Bio raises $100,000,000 led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Temasek Holdings | Fueled by an innovative drive and a deep understanding of the microbiome, Pivot Bio is pioneering game-changing advances in crop nutrition.

  • Huayin Health raises $85,000,000 led by GL Capital | Huayin Health is a comprehensive healthcare and medical service group, focuses on providing laboratory and pathological services.

  • Privitar raises $80,000,000 led by Warburg Pincus | Privitar offers a data privacy platform that protect their customers‚Äô sensitive personal data and to deliver comprehensive data privacy.

  • Suzhou Ribo Life Science raises $470,000,000 led by China State-Owned Capital Venture Investment Fund | Suzhou Ribo Life Science develops nucleic acid drugs and related products based on the RNA interference technology.

  • Taxfix raises $65,000,000 led by Index Ventures | Taxfix is an app that simplifies complex tax filing systems by offering a chat-like interface that only asks relevant questions to the user.

  • Aledade raises $64,000,000 led by OMERS Growth Equity | Aledade is a primary care physicians platform to provide everything the doctors to create and run an Accountable Care Organization.

  • Genechem (China) raises $400,000,000 | Genechem is a comprehensive provider of key genetic research services for diseases

  • Alan raises $50,000,000 led by Temasek Holdings | Alan is a digital health insurance platform that offers insurance services by focusing on a price-quality ratio health plan.

  • Dynacure raises $50,000,000 led by Perceptive Advisors | Dynacure is a clinical-stage drug development company focused on improving the lives of patients with rare and orphan diseases.

  • WorkJam raises $50,000,000 led by Inovia Capital | WorkJam is a frontline digital workplace that unleashes the full potential of non-desk workforces.

  • Paidy raises $48,000,000 led by ITOCHU Corporation | Paidy is a platform that enables consumers to buy online without a credit card or pre-registration.

  • Robocath raises $40,000,000 led by MicroPort Scientific | Robocath is a medical robotics start-up company.

  • Glassbox raises $40,000,000 led by Brighton Park Capital | Glassbox offers an analytics platform designed to automatically record, index and analyze 100 percent of digital interactions.

  • Awake Security raises $36,000,000 led by Evolution Equity Partners | Awake Security is a provider of an NTA solution that’s capable of detecting and visualizing behavioral, mal-intent and compliance incidents.

  • SafetyCulture raises $35,500,000 led by TDM Growth Partners | SafetyCulture is a software for mobile workplace safety and quality management.

  • Codemao raises $250,000,000 led by CMB International Capital Corporation | Codemao is an online education platform that teaches children how to program.

  • Anodot raises $35,000,000 led by Intel Capital | We use AI to constantly monitor and forecast business performance in FinTech, AdTech, Gaming, Telco and eComm customers

  • raises $35,000,000 led by Radian Capital | is the best place to discover and research U.S. colleges, schools, neighborhoods, and companies.

  • Adverity raises $30,000,000 led by Sapphire Ventures | Adverity enables users of its platform to easily connect and work with their entire media, marketing, and e-commerce ecosystems.

  • Guru raises $30,000,000 led by Accel | Guru is a knowledge management solution that keeps customer-facing teams up-to-date, consistent, and confident.

  • Shippo raises $30,000,000 led by D1 Capital Partners | Shippo is a multi-carrier shipping API and web app that helps businesses navigate the complexities of shipping.

  • Yunyinggu raises $200,000,000 led by Qiming Venture Partners | Yunyinggu is a Chinese company dedicated to developing and promoting new display technologies.

  • xbAV raises $25,000,000 led by HPE Growth | XbAV is a technology provider for the digitization of company pension schemes.

  • Movandi raises $27,000,000 led by WRVI Capital | Movandi is a wireless systems company tackling the technical challenges of 5G millimeter wave networks.

  • Templafy raises $25,000,000 led by Insight Partners | Templafy is a B2B Software-as-a-Service platform that provides services for business document creation.

  • Teamworks raises $25,000,000 led by Delta-v Capital | Teamworks is a communication and operations platform for athletic organizations.

  • Peak Nano Optics raises $25,000,000 led by Squadron Capital | Peak Nano Optics is a developer of nanotechnology products.

  • Avectas raises $20,000,000 led by Seamus Mulligan | Avectas is a cell engineering technology company that enables drug developers to manufacture potent engineered cell therapies.

  • InDeco China raises $20,000,000 led by Eight Roads Ventures | InDeco is a one-stop Internet space solution provider.

  • SafeBreach raises $19,000,000 led by OCV | SafeBreach executes active breach scenarios and performs continuous validation to find holes in an environment before an attacker does.

  • Xiaoneng Technology raises $125,000,000 led by V-Capital | Xiaoneng Technology is a company that provides online customer service solutions for e-commerce websites.

  • AlertMedia raises $15,000,000 led by JMI Equity | AlertMedia provides a critical communications platform and monitoring services to enterprise customers.

  • Lessonly raises $15,000,000 led by AXA Venture Partners | Lessonly is training software used by over 3 million learners and 1,000 companies to learn, practice and do better work.

  • Westwell Lab raises $14,000,000 led by InnoStar Venture | A Shanghai-based AI chipmaker.

  • Gauzy raises $10,000,000 led by Hyundai Motor Company | Gauzy provides Light Control Glass projects and laminated LC & SPD films for applications in various industries.

Series D

  • Airwallex raises $160,000,000 led by Salesforce Ventures | Airwallex is a international financial services platform committed to building global financial infrastructure to scale the digital economy.

  • Ninja Van raises $124,000,000 led by Zamrud Sovereign Wealth Fund | Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express delivery firm serving businesses across Southeast Asia.

  • Onfido raises $100,000,000 led by TPG Growth | Onfido’s AI-based identity verification assesses whether a user‚Äôs ID is genuine, then compares it against their facial biometrics.

  • RefleXion Medical raises $100,000,000 led by PSP Investments | RefleXion Medical is a developer of biologically-guided radiotherapy systems for patients with cancer.

  • Cato Networks raises $77,000,000 led by Lightspeed Venture Partners | Cato Networks provides cloud-based and secure global SD-WAN for the distributed, mobile, and cloud-enabled enterprise.

  • MedGenome raises $55,000,000 led by LeapFrog Investments | MedGenome is a biotechnology company that provides an integrated tracking, analysis and data reporting environment.

  • Lucid Software raises $52,000,000 led by ICONIQ Capital | Lucid is the parent company of two cloud-based visual workspace applications: Lucidchart and Lucidpress.

  • SberMarket raises $45,000,000 led by Mail.Ru Group, Sberbank | SberMarket (formerly known as Instamart) is #1 grocery and consumer goods delivery service in Russia.

  • Brain Corp raises $36,000,000 led by SoftBank Vision Fund | Brain Corp develops core technology for the robotics industry.

  • Bringg raises $30,000,000 led by Viola Growth | Bringg is a delivery logistics solution, providing enterprises with an efficient way to manage their complex delivery operations.

  • NoBroker raises $30,000,000 led by General Atlantic | NoBroker develops a peer-to-peer property listings platform designed to make the real estate transactions efficient.

  • Bugcrowd raises $30,000,000 led by Rally Ventures | Bugcrowd harnesses the power of a global community of security researchers to surface critical software vulnerabilities.

  • Huohua Siwei raises $30,000,000 led by Kuaishou Technology | Huohua Siwei is an online children’s thinking training platform for K-12 children.

  • Velo3D raises $28,000,000 led by Piva | Velo3D develops metal manufacturing solutions using a Sapphire 3D production printer and flow print preparation software.

  • FarEye raises $25,000,000 led by M12 | FarEye is a predictive logistics platform for businesses to execute, track, collaborate, predict and optimize movement of goods.

  • Nuohui Health raises $20,000,000 led by Omniscient | Nuohui Health is an innovative bio-tech company focusing on early screening and genetic testing services for high-incidence cancer homes.

Series E, F, G, I

  • Dailyhunt raises $1,800,000,000 led by Falcon Edge Capital | DailyHunt develops mobile application software.

  • ForgeRock raises $93,500,000 led by Riverwood Capital | ForgeRock is a multinational software company that develops commercial open source identity and access management products.

  • CargoX raises $80,000,000 led by LGT Lightstone | CargoX is a technology freight broker that provides shipping companies with a smart and efficient solution.

  • Stripe raises $600,000,000| Stripe is a developer-oriented commerce company, helping small and large companies accept web and mobile payments.

  • Rebel Foods raises $50,000,000 led by Coatue Management | Rebel Foods Services is a food delivery platform that provides delivery services at your doorstep.

  • Zomato raises $5,000,000 led by Baillie Gifford | Zomato is a platform designed for customers to search and discover great places to eat.

  • Iyiou Big Health raises $410,000,000 led by Guodiao Guoxin Zhixin | Iyiou Big Health is a technology and industrial innovation service provider focusing on the healthcare sector.

  • AISpeech raises $410,000,000 led by CTC Capital | AI Speech Ltd is a high-tech start up specialized in computer speech recognition, analysis.

  • Gousto raises $33,000,000 led by Perwyn | Gousto is an online meal-kit manufacturer and retailer, using AI and automation to provide extensive choice and personalisation.

  • Cohesity raises $250,000,000 led by DFJ Growth, Foundation Capital, Greenspring Associates, Wing Venture Capital | Cohesity offers hyperconverged secondary storage for backups, test/dev, file services and analytics use cases.

  • Confluent raises $250,000,000 led by Coatue Management | Confluent offers a streaming platform based on Apache Kafka that enables companies to easily access data as real-time streams.

  • Collibra raises $112,500,000 led by Durable Capital Partners, ICONIQ Capital, Index Ventures | Collibra is a Data Intelligence company.

  • Stash raises $112,000,000| Stash is a New York-based digital investing and banking platform.

  • CircleCI raises $100,000,000 led by IVP (Institutional Venture Partners) | CircleCI is a continuous integration and delivery platform for teams looking to shorten the distance between idea and delivery.